6 Home Items You’re Cleaning Way Too Much

photo by margaritaylita from Envato Elements

2. Your denim clothes

I bet that you are used to washing your jeans at least once a week. And that’s completely wrong! Because they are made of long-lasting, durable denim, jeans are really made to go without washing for extended periods of time. Nevertheless, excessive washing causes them to degrade, decolor, and lose their shape.

Avoid washing your favorite denim clothing too frequently if you want to keep it for as long as possible. Every two weeks or once a month should be enough!

3. Curtains

Believe it or not, curtains are among the household items that don’t need to be washed that often. Your curtains don’t require frequent cleaning because most of the dust is removed by gravity. But, to remove dust embedded in the fabric’s creases and crevices, a thorough cleaning once a year with washing or dry cleaning is sufficient. If you have allergies and you’re worried about dust, take down the drapes and put them in the dryer on the air-only cycle to get rid of it. This will also get rid of some creases. But be careful and avoid using heat since it could cause some linings or textiles to shrink!

Curtains in the kitchen or bathroom should be washed more frequently (seasonally or three times a year) because they collect grease and aerosol overspray.