6 Home Items You’re Cleaning Way Too Much

photo by LightFieldStudios from Envato Elements

6. Your carpet

Yeah, yeah, we all do that. In my case, for example, I used to wash my carpet every week because I had a dog whose fur was pretty long, and every time we came from outside, he jumped right in the middle of it, rolling over and begging for attention. I couldn’t help myself from washing it every two or three days until I noticed that it began to fade the color and looked very bland despite the fact that I bought it less than six months ago.

Your carpet will deteriorate and become damaged if you clean it too frequently. In order to avoid this happening to your carpet by over-cleaning it, choose a more natural option, like diluted apple cider vinegar, the next time you detect a stain rather than saturating it with cleaner. Don’t worry about the smell; it will go away in a couple of hours. Make sure to keep your windows open during the procedure.

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