8 Products That Kill COVID-19 Germs In Your House

Photo by
Igisheva Maria from shutterstock.com

Cleaning your house against germs is nothing new for you. When you take the time to clean your house, you are also on a crusade against the nasty bacteria that’s been lying around. Now, that it’s been almost 2 years since we are dealing with this never-ending pandemic, it’s been vital to deep-clean our house and disinfect all surfaces.

When we want to get rid of germs and reduce the risk of infection, we are advised to use soap and water, but if we want to kill them experts recommend something else. After cleaning surfaces, we must also use sanitizer or disinfectant.

But, you must pay attention, because not all cleaning products are effective. There are many different kinds of viruses and bacteria out there, but not all cleaning products are guaranteed to kill them. We made a list of products that WORK on COVID-19, and another one with the items that DO NOT.

Besides, efficient products there are some other facts you DEFINITELY need to know about your cleaning habits.

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