Avoid Cleaning These 7 Things With Your Dish Soap

dish soap
Photo by lielos_photograph from Shutterstock

I know it says dish soap, and you might think that the liquid you use to wash your dishes would be just as good as bar soap or hand soap, but no.

Dish soap means detergent, and because of that, its formula is a bit stranger than the stuff you use for any other cleaning purposes around our homes.

As a matter of fact, something like hand soap, which is milder, would be a better replacement when you clean specific household items.

If not, the dish soap might damage them, and that’s because it is made to remove rather tough and greasy stains. So by any means, it isn’t gentle.

As time goes by, you might even notice your hands getting dryer after cleaning loads of dishes, and that’s because you’re dealing with a very strong detergent that dries your skin out.

And it can do the same with fabric, leather, and many other materials, so here’s a list of things you should never wash with your dish soap:

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