Best Hygrometer For Humidor With Cigars

Cigars in a humidor

When it comes to storing cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products, an inadequate humidity level inside the humidor can have a negative effect on your products.


In other words, if the air is too moist or too dry, you will notice that the products stored inside the humidor will have their properties altered.

Avoid this from happening by keeping an eye on humidity level with the help of a special type of hygrometer. Such a device can allow you to enjoy excellent cigars or cigarettes at all times.

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Cigar Oasis Caliber 4R Digital/Analog

Cigar Oasis Caliber IV

HygroSet II
Cigar Oasis Analog Hygrometer
CyJay Round Analog Hygrometer

Top Humidor Hygrometers Reviews


Cigar Oasis Caliber 4R Digital/Analog


You’re not sure what type of hygrometer to choose for your humidor? How about opting for a combination between digital and analog? If you were wondering if this is even possible, you should check this product out.

It will display temperature in a digital manner, while humidity is displayed in an analog manner, but on a digital screen. Besides having the values stated around the edge, this product also uses various colors to make reading easy, comfortable, and convenient.

This way, you will never have the impression that you read the device in the wrong manner. The accuracy of this device is excellent, errors being of only 1% at most. It will come calibrated, but you can perform this operation if and when you consider it necessary.

You will be able to securely mount the device with the help of a magnet. Temperature can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees, depending on the adjustments you make.

The design is attractive, durable, and makes the device very easy to use. When it comes to humidor hygrometers, this product can indeed represent a good option.

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Cigar Oasis Caliber IV


Don’t allow excess humidity, or too little humidity, ruin the quality of your cigars or cigarettes. It is very easy to keep an eye on things with this hygrometer by Western Humidor.

Small, compact, and accurate, it will easily fit inside your humidor. It is also extremely accurate when it comes to measuring humidity levels inside the cigars box.

The error that may be displayed ranges only around 1% plus or minus. It is worth mentioning that the device already comes properly calibrated, so just take it out of its box, turn it on, and place it inside the humidor where it will immediately do its job. Of course, you can also calibrate it, according to your needs or when this operation is required. I wrote an article on different methods to calibrate your hygrometer – check it out.

You will be able to fix it on the humidor with the help of a magnet. Also, the device operates with the help of batteries, so you keep an eye on their lifespan in order to make sure that the displayed values are the real ones.

This particular device was made to be used for cigars and tobacco products, so you won’t make a mistake if you’ll choose it precisely for this kind of purposes.

It will display both humidity and temperature values inside the box. You can set the device to show values in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees, depending on how you prefer it.

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HygroSet II


If you place this digital hygrometer inside your humidor, you will never have to worry about humidity levels. This device will automatically refresh its readings every 10 seconds, so you will immediately know if changes occur. You will be able to see not just humidity levels, but also temperature.

This way, you’ll know for sure that your tobacco products will be kept in the right conditions at all times. If you need to calibrate the device, you will get all the instructions needed to perform this operation right.

However, it is worth mentioning that there can be a slight error of up to 2%, either up or down the scale. Another aspect you should know is that it is capable of measuring humidity between 20% and 90%.


The device has a rather small size, with a diameter of only 1,76 inches, makes it easy to fit inside most humidors. The back of the hygrometer is magnetic and equipped with double-sided adhesive tape, so mounting it in an adequate manner will not be something hard to achieve.

The battery is made to last for long periods so that the device operates with minimum effort and attention from your side. But, do bear in mind that it will not be compatible with humidor models made with exterior mounting systems.

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Cigar Oasis Analog Hygrometer


If you need a hygrometer for your humidor that looks elegant besides showing you humidity values, this product is then worthy of your attention.

It has a vintage appearance yet it is a device certified to measure the air’s humidity levels. So, you can be sure that you can use it for more than just decorative purposes.

The hygrometer is very accurate, allowing an error of just 1% more or less when displaying the humidity levels. While it comes calibrated and ready to be used, you can re-calibrate it if you consider it necessary.


Are you afraid that the beautiful aspect of this device will get damaged in time? You shouldn’t be, as it was made to last. The glass of the hygrometer is made to resist scratches and fog, so you’ll be able to read the indicated values at all times.

Also, the case is entirely made out of aluminum, so rust and corrosion will not be an issue.

With the help of a magnetic mounting system, you will be able to fix it in the desired spot inside your cigar box. As you can see, it is easy to measure humidity and have a beautiful item to look at around the clock.

Who said that a practical sense can’t be mixed with good looks didn’t come across this hygrometer until now.

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CyJay Round Analog Hygrometer


Are you into analog hygrometers? Then you should take this option into account, especially if you’re looking for a device that was made and designed to suit your humidor.

With a diameter of just 50 millimeters, it has all the chances to fit your humidor without any issues. Because it is so small and light, you will be able to carry it around with ease.

Still, it manages to be large enough to make reading easy. The analog display may be easier to interpret than digital hygrometers in some cases. Of course, this is a matter of personal preference.

How accurate is this hygrometer? It is very accurate considering that we are talking about an analog model. An error occurs only in the 1% range, not more, so you can be sure that the value you are reading is the actual value of humidity.

With a case made out of zinc alloy, this hygrometer will function for very many years to come with no maintenance from your side. Just make sure the batteries are functioning properly, especially after using the device for a while, to ensure the accuracy of the data you’ll be collecting.

So, regardless of humidity levels, this hygrometer is safe against corrosion and other types of damages.

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Final Word

There are humidor hygrometers for all tastes and preferences. All you need to do is to find the one with the best sizes and design for your cigar box. Hopefully, the previous products selection will ease your decision-making process.