Best Closet Dehumidifiers

Are you struggling with allergies year-round? Do your clothes have a distinct smell of mold even after being freshly washed? Do you see an increased number of spiders, cockroaches or moths? Chances are that your problem could stem from excess moisture in your house.

One way to remove excess moisture from your home is by investing in a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier does exactly as it sounds: it works to remove the excess moisture in the air, making your house less humid as a result.

When it comes to investing in anything, all products will not be created equal. That’s where articles like these come to save you from the frustration of scrolling page after page, never finding the exact product that you’re looking for. So what does your dream closet dehumidifier look like for you? Here are some options you should consider:


Best Closet Dehumidifiers


LENSOUL Dehumidifier

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This small and stylish dehumidifier comes from Lensoul, perfect for bedrooms, closets, garages and many more locations. Being most effective in rooms of up to 260 sq ft, this dehumidifier can be used from small room to small room.

This model is also extremely effortless to operate, only having a single power button sitting at the very top of the dehumidifier for easy access. This model also prides itself in removing up to 250ml of moisture per day.

That’s 8.45 fl oz in one day! A unique feature that this model has is that this model contains an auto shut-off system that shuts off the dehumidifier when 80% of its tank is filled. Most dehumidifier models offer an automatic shut-off system, but the system only works when the tank is 100% full, contrary to the Lensoul model’s system.

Regardless, this function helps to prevent water overflow or flooding of the dehumidifier’s tank. With the lack of a compressor for smooth and quiet process, this dehumidifier is perfect with both low maintenance and with an amazing price point.


AFLOIA Dehumidifier

Afloia Mini Dehumidifier, 2300 Cubic Feet (215 Sq Ft) Portable and Quiet Small Dehumidifier with...

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AFLOIA offers a dehumidifier for under $40 that can handle rooms as big as 215 square feet. Weighing only 22 ounces or just a little bit over 1.3 pounds, this model happens to be the lightest on this list.

Being able to remove around 11 fl oz of water in just one day, this model is perfect for small bedrooms, bathrooms, and yes, even closets as well. With both an automatic shut-off system and containing Peltier technology, this model gets its job done efficiently and quietly.

This model is perfect for people who don’t like high maintenance, something that can easily be tucked away somewhere. Since how light and small this model is, it can easily be transported from room to room. For both its price point and its portable, easy-to-use model, this option is perfect for any small household.


PRO BREEZE Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers for Home,215sqft Small Dehumidifiers for Room,16oz Tank Portable Closet...

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ProBreeze features a dehumidifier that can be used in spaces as big as 150 square feet. Weighing around 2.4lbs, this dehumidifier is very portable and can be moved from room to room with ease. On the contrary, the smaller the dehumidifier, the less capacity of water it is able to hold.

In the case of this model, ProBreeze’s dehumidifier can hold up to 18 fl oz before it will automatically shut off and need its chamber emptied. This model in particular is praised for being able to remove up to 9 fl oz of water from the air within the first 24 hours.

With both quiet technology and being energy efficient, rest assured that this dehumidifier would get the job done without draining you of anything more than the moisture from your closet.


COSVII Dehumidifier

COSVII Dehumidifier for Bedroom,Up to 680 Sq.ft Small Dehumidifier Ultra Quiet Dehumidifiers for...

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The COSVII Upgrade Dehumidifier is another small dehumidifier that’s perfect for small bedrooms and closets. Standing at 13 inches tall, this model can hold up to 68 oz of water at its capacity. Since this model weighs about  4.3 inches, it makes this model effortless to move from room to room.

This dehumidifier in particular has a very unique design where the air outlet is displayed in the front instead of on the top like how most dehumidifier models are made. COSVII’s dehumidifier is most effective for areas of up to 480 sq ft which is perfect for any walk-in closet, let alone a “hallway” closet.

For everything this model is offering, it’s important to make sure that it covers the basic needs of what you’re looking for. In many cases, the COSVII dehumidifier can at least do the bare minimum of removing the moisture from your closet without draining your wallet in the process.

When it comes to being efficient in the basics while excelling further than that, COSVII’s upgrade dehumidifier might be the perfect fit in your home and in your closet.


AMZDEAL Dehumidifier

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This model by AMZDEAL features a bit of a more elaborate procedure to their dehumidifier model. To start things off, this model sits at about 11 inches tall, making this a pretty standard size for the more smaller-ended models on this list.

Containing a 51 fl oz tank capacity, this model can dehumidify up to 17 fl oz of water within a day. This model claims to be easily transported from room to room, however, the lack of a handle makes the job all the more difficult. Despite this, this model isn’t as simple as many of the models on this list.

This dehumidifier features a larger array of options, located on the back of its models. Some of the additional options include a humidity indicator, two humidity changing buttons, as well as two LED displays to show when the dehumidifier is working and when the tank is full.

The two humidity changing buttons are used in order to gauge the type of job the dehumidifier is made to handle. Due to it being able to handle jobs up to 377 square feet, this dehumidifier is equipped for larger jobs as well as jobs that aren’t so big. For its price point and everything that it offers, this dehumidifier is actually quite a steal in some ways.

Being able to adjust the dehumidifier is something that not a lot of other dehumidifiers offer. If you’re looking for a more hands-on dehumidifier, then this may be the perfect option for you.


SIX Dehumidifier

SIX by SIX Dehumidifiers for Home Mini Electric, 2000ml Capacity up to(269 sq.ft) Quietly Auto...

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SIX by SIX Dehumidifiers offers an electric dehumidifier that stands at about 14.5 inches tall. What’s interesting about this model than most models on this list is that this model comes in two different sizes: Small and Large. The large dehumidifier comes with a tank capacity of 67oz while the small dehumidifier has a capacity of 23oz.

Having multiple options for services like these makes it easier for consumers to find a product that more easily suits their needs.No matter which you buy, this model provides utmost dehumidification, being able to clear up to 35% of the moisture in the air in 12 hours or so.

This model also uses a filter that can effortlessly be rinsed and put back into the model once it’s completely dry. This filter is mostly used to keep the dust from getting into the water tank. Having a 2 liter or 67 oz water tank, this larger model is well equipped to handle larger tasks, being able to handle tasks that are as large as 269 square feet.

For most already, both the price as well as how big the model is might be more of an overkill than what you may need for your closet. This is where the smaller (and cheaper) option of the small dehumidifier model comes into play.

Weighing as half as much as the other model, the small dehumidifier only weighs about 0.96 kilograms or about 2 pounds, making this model a lot lighter than its larger counterpart. With a capacity of 23 fl oz, this model can tackle rooms as large as around 160 square feet.

Either model not only offers an automatic shut-off feature but also has a very quiet procedure, making this the perfect option to stow away in the corner of your closet. Having a handle placed on the back of either model, the Six Dehumidifier models are  great for people that are looking for extra options when it comes to looking for a dehumidifier.

Hopefully having multiple options from the same brand can help with the agonizing process of choosing items either for their prices and their services.


VIVIOSUN Dehumidifier

VIVOSUN Small Space Mini Dehumidifier, Ultra-Quiet Auto Shut-off Dehumidifier for Grow Tent,...

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When it comes to investing in a dehumidifier for a closet, size has to be one of the most important factors in your decision. Look no further than the VIVOSUN Small Space Mini Dehumidifier to get the job done. Standing at only 11 inches tall, this model can be easily stored in the corner of your closet.

Covering room sizes of up to 269 square feet, this dehumidifier can hold up to 1.3L of the moisture in the air before its automatic shut-off function activates. That’s up to 43 fl oz within the first 24 hours! Like a lot of other dehumidifier models on this list, this model prides itself in its easy-to-use function.

With just the click of a button, the dehumidifier gets to work. When the dehumidifier is full, the LED displayed on the front of the model glows red to indicate that the water tank needs to be emptied. Since this model doesn’t contain a compressor, this model will not be keeping you up all night.

Overall, this dehumidifier should be a perfect fit into anyone’s closet, especially for its price point. It contains all the essentials without feeling as if you’re being ripped off in the process. If you’re looking for something that you can turn on and stow away for a few hours, this may be the perfect model for you.


UooEaA Dehumidifier

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UooEaA makes a spot on this list by providing a new way to think about your dehumidifier. This model in particular is not only wireless but also presents a very different look at what your dehumidifier could look like. UooEaA’s dehumidifier sports a portable cylindrical look instead of a rectangular box.

Standing at 7.5 inches without its stand, this model can hold up to 6 fl oz and can cover distances up to 400 cubic feet away from this dehumidifier. This model prides itself in its cylindrical design, containing more dense holes with 360° air inlet.

Rightfully so, because of its design, this model will be able to have an easier time obtaining the moisture from the air than most rectangular models can or would be able to. This model also happens to be the only model that uses silica gel beads rather than a water tank mechanism to remove the moisture from the air.

For most people, the silica gel technology can be a very confusing concept, and rightfully so. While there have been a few models that pop up here and there that feature the silica gel method of dehumidifying, it can still stump people with how this method operates.

The way that silica gel crystal technology works in the case of this model is that inside of the middle of the dehumidifier, there is around 350g of silica gel crystals that are used to absorb the moisture in the air.

When there is enough moisture trapped inside of the crystals, the crystals will give off a very dark appearance in comparison to its usual orange hue when you first purchase the product. Due to the large visualization window located at the top of the dehumidifier, it will be very easy to indicate whether the silica gel crystals need to be dried out or not.

Included with this dehumidifier model, there is a heating base that is used to draw the moisture out of the silica crystals for the crystal to be used for another time. Doing so takes around 2 hours to renew crystals to the point where it can be ready for the next task it’s presented.

This model is definitely one of the most unique dehumidifiers on this list. Being both wireless and cylindrical, this dehumidifier prides itself on being more efficient and more modern than most of the other dehumidifiers on the market today.

his is a wonderful option for those who want something with (literally) no strings attached. Due to its portable design, not only can it be stuffed in the corner of your closet, but it can travel with you into your car, your next hotel visit, and many other locations.

If you want something that’s easily accessible as well as easy to use, the UooEaA Wireless Dehumidifier may just be for you.


MOOKA Dehumidifier

MOOKA Mini Dehumidifier, 2000 Cubic Feet (190 Sq ft), 32oz (900ml) Capacity, Compact and Portable...

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Yet another mini dehumidifier makes the list, which makes this model perfect to be stowed almost anywhere. Made by MOOKA, this model stands at only 8.5 inches tall which makes this model the shortest model on this list. Also sporting a cylindrical design like UooEaA’s, this dehumidifier is compact and is easy to move from room to room.

This model is able to take about 12 fl oz of moisture from the air in less than a day. Being that this model’s tank capacity is 32 oz, this humidifier could continue working for three days straight before it would need to be dumped! Only making up to 25db of noise, which is about how loud a whisper can get, this dehumidifier won’t keep you awake all night either.

Sporting a simple on-and-off function as well as an automatic shut-off function, this model is easy to store away and forget about it until later. Due to its low price point and simple design and process, this model might be a great option to be stuffed in the corner of your closet.


InvisiPure Dehumidifier

InvisiPure Hydrowave Dehumidifier - Small Compact Portable Dehumidifier for Home, RV, Bathroom,...

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InvisiPure has a standard rectangular dehumidifier that can be used in a large number of different spaces. This dehumidifier can not only be used in closets but RVs. bedrooms, garages, bathrooms, and many more rooms of up to 300 sq ft and smaller.

This dehumidifier has a very unique design, but there is no significance for why it looks the way it does. There’s a large divot in the top of the dehumidifier that has a gray top, but it’s only for aesthetic purposes. Despite this, the model stands at 13.9 inches tall, making this model significantly taller than most of the other models on this list.

Weighing about 5.7 pounds, for some, it might be a bit of a hassle moving it from location to location, but never fear! This model has a built-in handle for easy carry from the upstairs bathroom to the downstairs closet. This model is able to remove 27 fl oz of moisture in the air in less than a day with a tank capacity of 64 oz.

What a lot of the more pricier dehumidifiers on the market might feature is the option of continuous draining via a hose used in the back of the model. There is a nozzle where a ⅜ inch hose could be inserted, but it’s not included. This model has a lot going for it, but this might not be ideal to be used in a closet.

Not only is it clunky in design, but it’s also one of the more heavy models which makes it less portable than other options on this list. Also, with how big its design is, it might be tough for some people who buy this model to stuff this in the back of their closet.

Depending on how large your closet is, there might be better options that more fit your needs without you breaking the bank. However, if you’re looking for something more heavy-duty and versatile, this might just be the option for you.


The Verdict?

As you may have realized in this article, no dehumidifier is created equal. Dehumidifier models come in all shapes and sizes. UooEaA and MOOKA presented cylindrical dehumidifier models.  UooEaA presented a complete water tank-free dehumidifier system.

With so many different choices and price points, it can be hard to find the perfect dehumidifier for your closet. However, there is one that stands out more than the others and that is the UooEaA Wireless Dehumidifier.

Featuring a completely 360° design, this cylindrical dehumidifier takes modern to a whole new level. With having a water tank free system, this makes cleanup and maintenance little to none. Using the silica gel crystal system makes the process fast and simple.

While also being wireless and only weighing about 2.7 pounds, this dehumidifier can go from your closet to your car effortlessly. For anyone who doesn’t want to constantly empty their dehumidifier’s water tank, and wants something that can easily be stored in any area of any room, this dehumidifier is perfect for almost anyone.



Why isn’t my dehumidifier not working as efficiently as I thought it would?

There could be a lot of factors why your dehumidifier doesn’t work as you initially thought. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that your dehumidifier is working as efficiently as it can.

For starters, do not use the dehumidifier near open windows or doors. Another thing you can do to make sure that your dehumidifier is working effectively is to make sure that your particular dehumidifier can be used in at the temperature range it’s said to work the best at.

Depending on what dehumidifier you buy, there can be a certain temperature where the dehumidifier can’t be used. In most cases, dehumidifiers have a hard time working in a below-freezing environment, for example.

Keeping up maintenance with cleaning the filters, water tank, and ventilation is also an amazing way to make sure that your dehumidifier is working as it should be.


Can water from a dehumidifier be used as distilled water?

Well… yes and no. The water that comes from the dehumidifier after the fact is very clean water, which can be commonly known as distilled water. However, please don’t drink this water. Even though this water is so pure that it can be consumed, if the water is left in the water tank, it can breed bacteria, so it’s best to not drink this water at all.


Will I know when I need a dehumidifier? What are some signs that I might need one?

There are numerous ways to tell if you need a dehumidifier. One common sign is seeing condensation on the walls of your rooms or windows. The smell of must or mold is another common sign that you might need a dehumidifier.

Despite that, your health could also be an indicator that you might need to invest in a dehumidifier. If you’re dealing with an excessive amount of allergies, this might also mean that it’s time to invest in getting a dehumidifier, as mold can cause allergy triggers as well.

Seeing more pests (than usual for some) can also be a sign. The most common critters you may see are spiders, cockroaches, moths, and silverfish. Understanding these signs as they come will make it a lot easier to decipher whether you need a dehumidifier or not.


What are some benefits of using a dehumidifier?

Having a dehumidifier has a large array of benefits. Health-wise, having a humidifier can help reduce the allergy symptoms such as itching, irritation of the eye, chest aching, sneezing, and wheezing. In some cases, a dehumidifier can help with the symptoms of asthma as well.