10 Funny Cleaning Superstitions From All Around the World

Photo by ChameleonsEye from Shutterstock

We all have our own and unique cleaning habits. Some of us prefer to obsessively clean the bathroom and then fold the laundry. While others can’t remember the last time they made the bed, but they religiously wash all the dishes the minute after using any of them.

This is something that clearly depends on preferences, and the only way to learn those preferences is by doing something regularly (or not). For some people, doing the laundry or making the bed feels like the end of the world, and it’s somehow linked more to the consequences than the benefit of the chore itself.

And just like us, there are many other people around the world that have been very blunt about THEIR preferences, and it’s just…hilarious. Here are some cleaning superstitions you’ll get a kick out of!

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