Are Home Mold Tests Accurate?

Do you know molds exist in every home? It is true. Molds are a part of our everyday living and breathing space. Many molds are quite harmless but some special types can be harmful to our health.

When you suspect you have mold in your home, the only option you have is to opt for mold testing. This test is one of the best ways to discover whether you have a mold issue in your home. It performs three important tasks, such as finds hidden molds, checks the indoor air quality, and identifies what kind of molds are residing in your home.

But the first question we need to ponder: is it necessary to have mold tests?

Yes, it is necessary to have mold tests.

When you are exposed to mold, you can encounter health issues like nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing or wheezing, eye irritation, etc. Especially people with mold allergies can develop serious illnesses like chronic lung sickness or obstructive lung disease.

All Mold Tests Are Not Same

Mold tests range from $20 to $500. Therefore, it is hard to count on a test and it can’t be 100% true too. Some people try to have a higher-priced test but it doesn’t mean it is a better mold test model. It will also have some errors, but it will be a little bit better than the cheap test.

On the contrary, cheap mold tests are good for nothing. Their only purpose is to find out whether there is or isn’t any mold.

Experts recommend opting for an expensive test. Since they do more than a simple positive/negative examination. They try to look for molds that signify trouble and reveal their quantity as well.

There are maybe some mold test kits that promise 100% results, though when it comes to differentiating different types of mold on-site, they lose their efficiency.

To have 99% accurate results, the only option you have is to hire professionals and go for laboratory analysis. Laboratories provide valid results and also inform you regarding what kind of molds are living inside your home so that you can take the right steps to avoid them.

What Is Mold Testing

One of the most common types of mold testing is the practice of taking air samples.

Through different kits, you can take air samples or the surface samples to discover if the molds are present in your home.

Professional-level mold testing companies often use the ‘Spore Trap’ method.

This method is used to trap the spores/molds from the air to check whether they are present, and identify their quantity and type as well. The spores which they try to catch through their kits are so tiny that they can’t be seen by the naked eye.

It may seem rather odd if you are watching them for the very first time and a little funnier too when the mold inspector will try to catch nothing from the air.

The reality is they will be catching something which is making you and your family sick.

We know some people won’t have the budget to hire a professional mold testing company or a mold testing inspector and they will rely on a test. In this scenario, send the samples to the lab. This will ensure you are getting accurate results and it would be easy on the pocket too.

Bear in mind, even if you send the tests to the lab, it doesn’t mean you have a genuine economical way to perform a mold test. Since the value in the testing lies on you more than the representatives of the lab. It depends on your experience that how thorough you are.

Otherwise, anyone can wave a mold spore trap and get the test results. Professional mold test inspectors follow proper procedures and perceive what the best way is to catch molds.

Why Most Mold Testing Kits Don’t Work

The truth is most testing kits don’t have the features we need to accurately test for the mold.

They indicate the presence of mold in your home, and this is something you already know, as they are already in every home.

If some mold kit is showing a positive sign, it doesn’t mean it is the best one in the market. All mold test kits will detect this.

However, if some mold kit promises that it can differentiate between the concentrations of mold, it is valuable. Having this feature in a mold test kit means you can detect which area of your home has a heavier infestation. Besides, you can check whether the molds present in your home are dangerous or not.

Avoid Mold Inspection Scams

If you have decided to proceed with the mold inspection or buy a mold test kit, there are some indications that you should notice; they are the signs of scams.

  • Don’t trust a company or an inspector which says they have an official government license for a mold inspection. The government doesn’t provide any certification or license to the product owners or the mold testing inspectors. Just make sure the company or the inspector has a general contractor license and some experience in the field.
  • Anyone who is offering free services is a red flag. They will inject the fear in your veins and reveal that you are surrounded by the fatal molds that can sign the death warrants of your life at any time. Therefore, hire a professional inspection service always.
  • Don’t shake out your rugs and pillows before the testing. They naturally have the spores and with some shaking the spores will be released into the air and won’t let you have accurate results. Similarly, don’t let the mold inspector do that too.


Mold is a common part of our environment.

But true mold concerns should only be handled by the professional and known companies; they have all the right knowledge and the equipment to figure out what qualifies as the dangerous mold in your home. You can use DIY mold test kits too, however, they should be used for entertainment value only.