Mold & Health

6 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

Greater awareness about how air impacts our overall health has been heightened in the last year, especially since the pandemic. So now many people are wondering how exactly to increase the air quality at home. To be honest, the outside air can be so polluted that we all want to breathe clean air, at least indoors.… Read the rest

Get Rid of Wall Mold With These 7 Homemade Remedies

Ugh! Mold… I get to say these words almost every year, especially after the cold season, because no matter what I do, my walls seem to develop mold at some point. All it needs is some warmth and moisture, and BOOM, you’re stuck with it, and you don’t know how to remove it efficiently.… Read the rest

Are Home Mold Tests Accurate?

Do you know molds exist in every home? It is true. Molds are a part of our everyday living and breathing space. Many molds are quite harmless but some special types can be harmful to our health. When you suspect you have mold in your home, the only option you have is to opt for mold testing.… Read the rest

What Is The Most Dangerous Type Of Mold? (LIST)

While mold is virtually found everywhere and isn’t always harmful, there are particular types of mold that are considered to be dangerous as they can pose serious health risks if they’re present in your house.  The most dangerous molds are basically considered toxic and harmful or deadly to humans.… Read the rest

Is Mold In A Crawl Space Dangerous?

Instead of basements, crawl spaces are often found in some houses. Crawl spaces are cheaper and highly recommended if you are living in a mostly dry area. However, these are prone to mold and moisture, unless the place has adequate ventilation and proper insulation. … Read the rest

How Do You Get Rid Of Airborne Mold

How do you get rid of airborne mold? The answer to the question does not have to be difficult. However, you will be required to do your homework first. This is because the home that you live in can be a comfortable place for your family to reside and grow.… Read the rest

Can Mold Be Completely Removed From A House?

Can mold be completely removed from a house? It depends on the type of mold, the severity of the problem and the state of the house itself. We’ll answer some of the biggest questions regarding mold remediation. Should I Get My House Tested for Mold?… Read the rest

Will A Dehumidifier Get Rid Of Mildew Smell

Mildew is a furry fungus that sprouts in humid summer weather. It has a flat growth that is either fluffy or powdery. A damp shower can be the perfect spot for mildew to multiply quickly. If left unattended, it produces a strong musty smell.… Read the rest

Does A Dehumidifier Help With Allergies?

Allergies can easily turn the best days into the worst of nightmares, disrupting your life and affecting your day to day activities. This is why it is important to educate yourself on the best ways for relieving your allergy symptoms and eliminating common triggers around your home.… Read the rest

Can Mold In A Humidifier Make You Sick?

Humidifiers are excellent for use in your home to ease problems caused by dry air. So, can mold in a humidifier make you sick? These machines; however, need regular maintenance or they will make you sick by spreading mold and bacteria into your home environment.… Read the rest

Can You Live In A House With Mold?

There is a hidden danger that people need to look out for. If you are a homeowner mold may be the furthest thing from your mind but it should not be overlooked. Mold can grow on several different surfaces. Mild like warm temperatures and environments that are moist.… Read the rest