Get Rid of Wall Mold With These 7 Homemade Remedies

Photo by Andrey_Popov From Shutterstock

1. Identify the spots 

If you happen to notice signs like cracked or peeling paint, a musty smell, or the obvious sign of spots on your walls, then you should take some action. And the sooner the better, because if you have some allergies, mold will trigger them for sure. It can cause severe respiratory symptoms and also skin irritation.

Don’t forget to use some protection during the cleaning process. And that will include some filtered dust masks and a pair of goggles in order to avoid irritation.

If you have, you might use some gloves as well, because it can immediately create a skin reaction.

After the usage, make sure you wash everything in hot water to remove any spores they might pick up during the cleaning process.