8 Surprising Things You Shouldn’t Put in a Dishwasher

Photo by Gabi Moisa From Shutterstock

Whoever invented dishwashers was a genius. Seriously! They’re such a blessing because all the hard work we’re supposed to do after a big family dinner is easily solved by simply pressing a button after throwing everything in it. Even if this might be tempting, there are still some items that are not that safe to put in the dishwasher because the chemicals from the detergents along with the water can seriously damage them. And I am not talking about fine China or any other expensive things that you must avoid cleaning in the machine, because a lot of regular kitchen items have a tiny sign on the bottom that indicates it’s not safe for it to be cleaned like this.

Read on to see what items you should avoid cleaning in your dishwasher, because some of them may surprise you…

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