20 Ikea Transformations That Will Make Your House Look Expensive

ikea hacks
Photo by BearFotos From Shutterstock

9. Curtains hack

Some tassels can transform a boring curtain from Ikea if they are used correctly. A glue gun and some wool-crafted pompons will look very nice at the bottom of the curtains no matter the color.

If you have a white curtain, for example, it might be nice to add some black.

10. Lack bench repaint 

This might be the easiest hack of them all. Just add a pillow and repaint the base with your desired color. Easy right? Then why not do it now? It will for sure make it look better and actually durable.

If these hacks convinced you to add some color to your home then let us know in the comments if you tried any of them.

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