20 Ikea Transformations That Will Make Your House Look Expensive

ikea hacks
Photo by Anton Karavaev From Shutterstock

5. DYI Wooden chair

You surely have a chair somewhere in the house that needs an upgrade or needs to be replaced. Just switch out the old one with a big slice of wood that you may find in your attic or randomly in the garden.

There is always a solution for a bland piece of furniture! Plenty of ideas could be found on the internet, accessible to everyone.

6. Ingo Desk transformed 

Since the pandemic started, everybody tried to create or improve the coziness of their home. That Ingo desk you bought from Ikea a couple of years ago looks a bit rusty? No problem!

The initial purpose of this piece of furniture was a small dining table but it could be turned into a pretty nice desk. Paint the lower base and legs in a bright yellow to add a bit of sunshine in your room. Tell us how that worked out?