20 Ikea Transformations That Will Make Your House Look Expensive

ikea hacks
Photo by tommaso79 From Shutterstock

1. Marble table

Did you buy that table which was the most affordable one from Ikea? It looks cool but it doesn’t really fit your expectations? No problem. We have the solution for you! Cover the top with marble printed paper which is easy to find in almost every craft store. Neat right? Your table will look much fancier for sure. You might even trick a friend when he/she comes visiting you.

2. Pendant lights 

Have you just bought those awesome pendant lights for your kitchen? or your living room? Then why don’t you make them look expensive by spraying them with the desired color? Copper might be a good choice, especially if your furniture is white combined with dark-brown wood. No one will notice the difference and they might be curious enough to ask you where you got them from.

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