20 Ikea Transformations That Will Make Your House Look Expensive

ikea hacks
Photo by Byjeng From Shutterstock

7. Black and gold Ikea bar stool hack 

Remember those old bar stools you bought for that party and you never use? No worries because spray paint can remake the entire Dalfred bar stool in a very unique way.

For under $50 who wouldn’t want to re-do this awesome hack? Your friends will be amazed!

8. Upscale Wall Shelf 

You know those ‘meh’ shelves you bought last summer to save some space for the books you’ve been collecting for so many years? It’s time to add a bit of color to them.

Ekby Jarpen Ikea walls are easy to repaint in the color you desire. Gold suits you? Or maybe red to match that lamp you got as a gift. The entire look will be different after spraying them. Again, with under $20 you can do this easy hack in your home.