5 Efficient Ways to Freshen Up Your Room

Photo by fizkes From Shutterstock

Everyone has a different definition of what a pleasant smell is. And this can range from floral to cinnamon to even lavender freshness. Every house has its own unique scent, and because you’re used to spending the entire day in the same place, you might not sense a nasty smell even if it’s strong.

It doesn’t matter if you vacuum twice a week and dust more often, unpleasant odors can still linger around. If like me you’re a maniac when it comes to households chores, then you know the struggle of trying to clean every corner of your rooms almost daily.

But believe me, no matter how hard you try, the odors will develop naturally because of cooking, or maybe you forgot to take the trash out earlier, or even from your pet (for example, sometimes my cat thinks our rug is her bathroom, yuck!).
Curious about how other people maintain their houses to smell amazing? Let’s discover a few of the best tips and tricks that will instantly freshen up your rooms.

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