Best Dehumidifier To Dry Clothes: iSiLER Portable Review

An incredible 30% of moisture found in homes is associated with drying clothes indoors.

The excess moisture can make it easier for mold, dust mites, damp, as well as other allergens to spread, which makes it important to be extra careful.

You might think that you can solve the problem by buying a tumble dryer.

But, dryers can be very expensive to run. If you are living in rented accommodation, this will not only be an added expense as it can also be a hassle if you have to move in the future.

To avoid these problems, buying the best dehumidifier to dry clothes like iSiLER Dehumidifier (Amazon link) is a more feasible and affordable option for homeowners.

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Dries Clothes Fast 

The machine comes with air outlets on both its sides and this is the reason why this dehumidifier can function as a conventional dryer for clothes that you can use when the season turns more humid.

The best thing here is that aside from drying your laundry faster, you can also be sure that it will not leave behind any unwanted odor.

It is a very great feature that many homeowners will surely love because it removes yet another tiring task from their list of house chores.

On top of that, it still works as an effective dehumidifier to eliminate moisture from your room.

Convenient and Safe

It comes with a detachable water tank that boasts a big capacity for 2 liters for every 4.2 pints.

This then eliminates the hassle of having to frequently empty its water tank.

On top of that, once the tank becomes full, it has an indicator that will turn yellow and the unit will automatically turn off to guarantee a safe and secure operation.


Powerful Operation

Despite being compact, when you are using the dehumidifier under recommended conditions of 80 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity of 80%, this can cover 161 to 269 square feet.

The dehumidifier can eliminate 1.6 pints of moisture per day. This can deodorize and dry the air in a room.

 Compact Size

It is a compact unit with a length of 8.9 inches, height of 14.7 inches, and a width of 5.9 inches that allow this to be fitted in small rooms or areas such as the living room, kitchen, laundry area, stock room, bedroom, dorm room, nurseries, closets, and basement with no need to take up a lot of space.

The unit also comes with a big 2-liter thank that can be detached.

This means that you can remove it every now and then to remove the collected moisture.

Protect and Dehumidify

The portable dehumidifier can also promote good health, relieve some symptoms, eliminate musty odors, protect wooden furniture, keeping clothing and bedding dry, create a cooler space, and get rid of dust mites and mildew.

Its front air inlet features an easy to clean filter that helps eliminate impurities. The unit is easy to operate by just switching this off or on with a button.

Quiet Operation

Thanks to its remarkably quiet operation, producing just 40 decibels during operation, the iSiLER dehumidifier is perfect for areas like meeting rooms, libraries, bedrooms, and baby nurseries.

The body of the appliance is made of ABS that doesn’t corrode and is lightweight at the same time.

Sleek Design

With its sleek and modern design, it is possible to use the portable dehumidifier discreetly pretty much anywhere.

When in operation, its green indicator is turned on.

The unit will also switch off automatically if its water tank is full, with the indicator turning yellow.

The device works on a power supply of 100V to 240V and it comes with an electric cord of 1.5 meters. It is also simple and easy to install and use and helps in mold removal.

You can easily move the unit from room to room because of its portability.


The dehumidifier comes with a user manual and with a warranty good for 12 months.

Many users who have already tried the dehumidifier are very much satisfied with their purchased as it eliminated the musty smell from their bedroom, bathroom, and other rooms around the house within a short span of time.

Check the table for specifications:

Voltage AC 100-240 V
Material ABS
Bucket Volume 4.2 pints/2 liters
Power Consumption 65 W
Cord Length 60 in (1.5 m)
Weight 5 lbs (2.24 kg)
Dimensions 8.9 x 5.9 x 14.7 in (228 x 150 x 373 mm)
Dehumidification Capacity 1.6 pints/(750 ml) per day at 30 °C/86 °F, 80% RH
Coverage 107 sq.ft (10 m2)
Noise Level 40 dB
Temperature Range 50-122 °F (10-50 °C)
Optimal Temperature Range 81-86 °F (27-30 °C)
User Manual Included YES

Customer/User Impression

People who have bought this exact model stated that this is perfect for their bathroom.

Some claimed that they have tried all sorts of mold removal in the past but not helped them at all.

This made them decide to get this dehumidifier and it works great for them.

Their bathroom has become cleaner with no unwanted smell.

Some even said that even if they leave the unit running in the bathroom throughout the night, it is still very quiet.

They are glad that they have finally got rid of the musty smell and mold, while others plan to get another one for other parts of their home.

The quiet operation of the unit seems to be its number one selling point among most buyers because its nice unobtrusive sound isn’t something found in many units.

And of course, they love the fact that it made it easier and faster to dry their clothes… (READ MORE)


If you are looking for a quality portable dehumidifier that can give you a good value for your money, the iSiLER Dehumidifier definitely has lots to offer.

Some of its key benefits include:

If you want to dry your clothes faster and enjoy more benefits, make sure you check out iSiLER Dehumidifier for a good price on Amazon.