Bucketless Dehumidifier Review: Frigidaire FFAP7033T1

Humidity is something that can do you more harm than what you can imagine, particularly in more humid climates, and specifically when the summer months kick in.

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If your home doesn’t have a dehumidifier, you are actually subjecting yourself to numerous health risks aside from the unnecessary discomfort.

In this review, I will share with you the reasons why I think that Frigidaire-FFAP7033T1 is the right option that you can find in the market today for the best bucketless dehumidifier.

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With its built-in water pump and its small size yet powerful performance, it is something that you will surely want to consider buying.

Built-In Water Pump

This Compressor Dehumidifier from Frigidaire comes with a bucket or reservoir just like what you can see in all dehumidifiers.

But, what makes it different is the inclusion of the efficient 16-watt built-in pump.

This pump allows the unit to continuously discharge water in an upward direction out of a window or into a sink to a height of 16.4 feet vertically.

This means that any collected moisture will not remain stagnant in the bucket, saving you from the hassle of having to manually dump out the water every so often.

This is a great feature especially for people who are too busy with their daily schedules.

Small but Powerful

With a weight of only 47 pounds, Frigidaire-FFAP7033T1 is a compact unit that can easily and snugly fit into most spaces.

The unit has the capacity to remove up to 70 pints of moisture within a day in places with up to 4,500 square feet.

This only proves that its size shouldn’t fool you at all. It can do its job just fine and you can be sure that you wouldn’t be worrying about a too heavy unit that can make it difficult for you to move it around when needed. This is one feature that I truly appreciate.

Top 9 Features

It has several notable features that any user like me can take advantage of.

1. Adjustable Humidistat

It is the humidity control that you will use to choose the humidity level you want your unit to maintain.

For those who are new to using dehumidifiers, you can try to start with 50%.

Many people find this level comfortable and it can also prevent mold and dampness.

2. Automatic Defrost

Similar to refrigerators, a dehumidifier can also experience ice buildup.

Such buildup can take place at room temperature and you don’t have to worry about this.

The moment the unit detects ice, this will stop dehumidifying and will only run with a fan in order for the air flow to melt the buildup of ice.

3. Three Levels Speed Fan

When the fan speed is higher, it means faster drying but with more noise.

You can choose between three levels of speed based on what you deem important at a given time.

4. Off/On Timer

The unit also lets you instruct it to turn off or turn on at a specific time in the next 24 hours.

Bucketless Dehumidifier Review: Frigidaire FFAP7033T1

5. Continuous Drainage Option

Since this dehumidifier comes with a pump, you will not normally use the simple gravity feed drainage.

However, it comes in handy if the pump fails all of a sudden.

6. Auto Restart

If there is a power outage, your unit will stop.

As this feature suggests, when power is restored, the dehumidifier will restart automatically at the programmed setting.

Not every dehumidifier comes with this kind of feature.

7. Integral Condensate Pump

This feature of Frigidaire-FFAP7033T1 allows continuous drainage to an outlet away from the unit than what gravity fed system might reach.

Also, it enables you to drain to the outlet at a higher level than the unit.

Usually, the vertical lift can be achieved from 12-15 feet yet there’s no accurate figure included in the published specs so I can’t state this with certainty.

8. Washable Antibacterial Filter

The filter must be cleaned and removed every 2 weeks or so.

Clean filters protect the dehumidifier while clogged filters can result in damage and in some cases, the dehumidifier catching fire.

9. Portability

This machine weighs about 47 lbs.

It comes with 4 caster wheels and features a carry handle so it can be easily moved within your place.

Check the table for specifications:

Color White
Bucket Capacity 13.1-Pint
Weight 47 lbs
Dimensions 11.6 x 15 x 24.4 in
Built-In Pump YES
Noise Level dB (High) 51
Relative Humidity Range Manual 35%-85%
Watts 745
Voltage Rating 115V 60Hz
Amps 6.7
Power Cord Length 6′ (6-1/2′)
Warranty 1 Year Full/5 Year Sealed System

More on this Product Specifications Sheet.

Frigidaire-FFAP7033T1 Dehumidifier User Manual

I recommend you to take a look at the Frigidaire-FFAP7033T1 User Manual(pdf format) if you want to learn more about this dehumidifier or if you are looking for more in-depth technical information.

Below you will find all the contact details(phone and email) if you have any problem with your dehumidifier:

Phone: 1 (800) 374-4432 (EST)

Frigidaire Service: 1-800-944-9044


Mon – Fri, 8am – 8pm (EST)
Sat, 9am – 6pm (EST)

Contact page

Customer/User Impression

It can dry your basement quickly and may circulate air better than I expected.

Aside from me, there are other users who are also pleased with the quietness of this dehumidifier given its capability for drying.

In terms of the pump, it won’t kick on until the unit’s water tank is already full.

Once it does, the tank will be emptied through its drain hose and start the operation again.

It is hard to see from the photos of the unit, yet its pump system is actually separate from its gravity drain… (READ MORE)


Frigidaire-FFAP7033T1 comes with a pump and it isn’t only an updated model in the lineup of Frigidaire dehumidifiers.

It is also a unique offer within the range. It is the first time that the manufacturer supplies a portable dehumidifier with a condensate pump that is built into the unit.

The integral pumps aren’t new in the market, yet Frigidaire feels it might be losing sales to some brands that already include this type of feature.

It has an Energy Star rating.

It’s suited for use in the basement given that the temperature doesn’t fall usually below 60 degrees Fahrenheit for a long period of time.

To top it all features a pump works very well. You won’t also find some recurring problems with an exception of pesky drain opening cover.

However, if you are on a budget, you might find Frigidaire-FFAP7033T1 a bit expensive. In fact, it is costlier than its equivalent model.

Although the choice is yours, it would be best to know your needs first and find out if it is worth it.

If you think that this bucketless dehumidifier is the one you are looking for check it out on Amazon.