You Had No Idea Mold Could Hide in These 6 Places in Your Home!

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Did you know mold could hide in these places in your home?

I don’t like to tell you this, but mold, which is the popular name for thousands of different types of fungi, can hide in your home without you even noticing it. The reason why you might have this annoying fungus in your home is that it grows everywhere it can find organic matter and moisture.

Besides looking terrible and being one of the most common living organisms in the world, mold can be pretty dangerous, especially if you’re allergic to it.

If you stay too long in a place where there’s mold, you might experience coughing, throat and eye irritation, wheezing, nasal stuffiness, and, in more severe cases, even skin irritation.

I suffer from mold allergies myself, and when I noticed that I didn’t feel good in my own home, I tore my house apart, trying to get rid of every single piece that was hosting mold. And let me tell you that there are some surprising places in your home that host mold, and it’s time for a serious cleaning session. Click on the next page for more!

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