6 Effective Yet Bizarre Tips For Decluttering Your Home

Photo by Kostikova Natalia from Shutterstock

While a lot of people have been taken in by the craze that has been decluttering and organizing, sometimes it doesn’t seem all that easy to achieve.

Moreover, this has also made us come to the realization that we may be suffering from a (non-medically coined) syndrome that a lot of people abbreviate as TMS syndrome. TMS is something that a lot of Americans struggle with, particularly with the fact that they have Too Much Stuff!

Jokes aside, a lot of us find ourselves surrounded by way too many things, and while it may have seemed like a good idea at the time, there’s truly no need to keep all of it around.

Yet, it happens that getting rid of stuff isn’t as easy as it seems, and while the Mari Kondo method of “does it spark joy?” seems to have yielded some results, it doesn’t work for everyone out there.

This is why we have looked all over the internet and have come up with other alternatives that are bound to help you declutter spaces in your own time and terms. Since all of us are different, we’re bound to need different methods, right? Even if some of them are quite unconventional.

Please tell us how you decluttered your home!

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