Yikes! 6 Easy Ways to Remove Grease From ANY Surface

Photo by Zhuravlev Andrey from Shutterstock


Many casseroles and lasagnas later, your oven is covered in carbon buildup. There’s nothing to worry about. Before you start dealing with those residual greases, do yourself a favor and use a non-abrasive scraper to get rid of any burnt-on oil.

Use a dampened paper towel to remove anything left behind, then apply an enzyme cleaner all over the interior of the oven. Let it sit for at least 20 minutes before wiping.

Another option is to coat the walls of the oven with a mix of water and baking soda. Spread the mix all over the interior using a soft-bristled brush and let it sit overnight. If you’re in a hurry, cleaning experts recommend putting the oven on warm for 15 minutes while the baking soda sits. Next, remove the mix and wipe the surface with a damp rag as hot as you can stand it. That’s it!

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