20 Home Decor Items You Shouldn’t Own Over 30

Photo by Kastaprav from shutterstock.com

9. Stop With The Weapons On The Wall

We don’t even know where to start with this. Just take them off.

10. Paintings or Posters Without Frames

Again, this would look very cool in your dorm room, however for you, that’s not the case anymore and so you need real paintings, not posters or printed pictures.

We can suggest you flee markets, vintage shops or young artists who are not that expensive, if you don’t want to drain your pocket.

11. Giant Stuffed Animals Are No Longer Cute

It’s okay to have these only if you have kids, if not it’s kind of inappropriate to have giant bears lying around in your living room.

We get it these have emotional value, but keep them in storage until you want to give them away or if you decide to have children.

Next, ummmmm why? Just no…..

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