Best Humidifier For Infants: TaoTronics TT-AH001 Review

If you still haven’t included a good humidifier to your long list of must-haves for your kid’s nursery together with the diaper pail, changing table, crib, and noise machine, this is no doubt the best time for you to do so.

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Just so you know, putting a humidifier in your baby’s room will give him all the benefits that grownups get to enjoy.

It can add moisture to the air. This is something that is very essential if you are living in arid climates or during dry winter months.

The best humidifier for infants such as TaoTronics TT-AH001 can help with the breathing of your precious little angel and address other issues like tender or chapped lips and irritated or dry skin.

Best Humidifier For Infants

With features like controllable humidistat, adjustable mist, fresh water, and a large tank, this one is a true must-have.

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Controllable Humidistat and Adjustable Mist

Straight from the unit’s control panel, it is easy for you to make your humidifier put out less or more mist in moments. There are all in all three mist output levels to choose from.

Low mist is perfect for very small spaces and high mist is best for times when your baby is sick. At its highest output, delivers 300 millimeters of mist every hour.

The controllable humidistat allows you to tweak the relative humidity.

The range of relative humidity is at 40% to 95% which lets you counterbalance the surrounding air’s moisture level. The 360-degree turning nozzle lets you point the mist to the desired direction.

Fresh Water and Large Tank

With this particular unit, there is no longer a need for you to get up for a tank refill in the middle of the night.

Its reservoir holds 4 liters of water that can last for 15 hours on its lowest mist setting.

Once the tank gets empty, the unit will turn off automatically until you put more water.

Good thing it is easy to refill the reservoir.  You simply left the handle atop the tank, bring the tank and turn it over on the sink and pour in water.


If you are planning to get this cool little gadget, it has a long list of exciting and useful features that you can use to your advantage.

Adjustable Mist and Humidity Output

There are just a few brands which will let you adjust the level of humidity according to your preference.

One of these brands is none other than TaoTronics.

By using the Humidistat button found on the unit’s control panel, it is possible to set the level of humidity from as low as 40% to as high as 95%.

What will happen when you reached your setting? Based on the user manual, it will turn off by itself.

Apart from the customized humidity feature of TT-AH001, it is also possible for you to choose from the three level settings of mist outlet – high, medium, and low.

Take note that the humidifier also has a 360-degree rotatable nozzle which is meant to help in uniformed mist distribution.

Humidifying Capacities

With its water tank volume of around 1.056 gallons, the humidifier has the capacity to run up to 15 hours.

It is recommended to use this product in small to medium-sized rooms for best results .

LED Display

Right under the TT-AH001’s transparent water tank, you will find an LED screen which shows important information including timer settings, mist mode, and humidity status.

There are 5 buttons below the screen that let you adjust the functions based on your preferences.


You can set this one to work from 24 hours to 1 hour. Once the timer is up, you can expect the unit to stop working altogether.

Auto Shut Off

It is also noteworthy that it will turn itself off automatically once certain conditions have been met.

These include when the level of water drops below the minimum and when the desired level of humidity has been reached.

Microporous Cartridge

This is often one of the things that you will look for in a humidifier but the manufacturer decided to take things a step further.

A proof of this is the inclusion of the Microporous Cartridge that can filter out microorganisms and calcium or magnesium ions from the water.

It will give you the assurance that the mist your baby will breathe in has been cleaned and filtered to a great degree.

This, together with its power consumption of 30W, makes this unit truly an eco-friendly option for many parents.

Check the table for specifications:

Voltage 120V/60Hz
Power 30W
Water Tank Volume 4L
Working time 15 hr Max
Max Humidity Increase 300±30mL/h
Humidifying Efficiency Level B
Noise Level ≤38dB(A)

TaoTronics TT-AH001 Humidifier User Manual

You can always take a look at the TT-AH001 Humidifier User Manual(pdf format) if you want to learn more about this device or if you are looking for more in-depth technical information.

If you have any problem with your device I will leave you TaoTronics‘s contact numbers and the email addresses:

E-mail: (US)


(Monday-Friday: 9:00 – 17:00 PST)

2228 Junction Ave, San Jose, CA 95131

E-mail: (UK) (DE) (FR) (ES) (IT)

EU Importer Adress:
ZBT International Trading GmbH, Lederstr 21a, 22525 Hamburg, Deutschland

E-mail: (JP)

Customer/User Impression

Many users that bought and used this appliance attested that the unit has lots going on for it.

This boasts of good quality and has a sturdy built. They also say that its readout and digital controls are intuitive and clear.

Some have been using it almost non-stop ever since they purchased it and they were amazed at how reliable this workhorse is.

There are also parents who claimed that this humidifier is a good and quiet option.

Since this is a cool mist, this might be a bit cold if placed at the bedside table.

This is also easy to clean and refill. However, a lot of people stated that it is important to follow the cleaning guidelines every two weeks to ensure that there will be no buildup whatsoever.

It is also easy to set up the functions of the unit, and many appreciate the unit’s auto-off feature the moment water has run out. (MORE REAL FEEDBACK)


It can be considered as one of the best options in the market if you are looking for a reliable humidifier for your baby.

This is a claim made not only by the maker but also by many people who have tried and tested the product.

This is among the few machines which will never leave you disappointed because of its performance and features.

It comes with a lovely and clear LED screen for easy monitoring and control of humidity level.

This also has a 360-degree nozzle that allows you to direct the mist anywhere you like. There is also the microporous ceramic cartridge that eliminates harmful agents found in the water.

This is also an eco-friendly product. This has a 4-liter tank which gives it the capacity to operate to as much as 15 hours with no need to refill.

Check it out an Amazon and ensure the safety and good health of your little angel.