When To Use A Dehumidifier: In Winter Or Summer

When To Use A Dehumidifier: In Winter Or Summer

You may feel like using the dehumidifier during a certain season then store it away in other seasons is a good idea.

So, the question everybody asked me is when to use a dehumidifier, winter or summer? A dehumidifier should be used both in summer and winter if the levels of humidity are high. You should always keep an eye on your hygrometer readings.

In order to achieve the perfect moisture level in every part of your home throughout the year, you will benefit from using your dehumidifier.

However, it will all depend on the current condition of your house, your lifestyle habits, and your region.

This means that you should use your dehumidifier both in summer and winter.

But, it is highly advised that you refrain from opening your windows during summer while your dehumidifier is running.

This can cause your dehumidifier to have a difficult time dealing with the level of humidity as this will change quickly in the room. When you breathe through your mouth, how many times have you suffered from dry throat during the day and while you are sleeping?

Low humidity in winter months can cause more serious health concerns such as the easy spread of viruses, dry skin, or at times, nosebleed.

You will need to pay extra attention to the specific settings of your dehumidifier. See to it that these are adjusted to variations during season indoor temperature.

A good dehumidifier for your basement can be extremely useful as well as the quality of air indoors is not ideal enough for living.

To put it simply, winter and summer are both great to use your dehumidifier for varied reasons.

Why Do You Need a Dehumidifier

Through getting rid of unwanted moisture, a dehumidifier can help prevent growth and buildup of dust mites, fungi, mildew, and mold in your house, all of which are very common allergens.

For instance, mold allergies are a significant factor that can contribute to childhood asthma.

It means that a dehumidifier can benefit the health of you and your whole family by lowering these allergens and enhancing the quality of indoor air.

Dehumidifiers are perfect even for your pets as they can also suffer from similar infections and allergies experienced by humans.

On top of that, dehumidifiers can get rid of that unwanted wet dog scent or other similar musty odors, an added bonus you will surely appreciate.
Managing levels of moisture in your house can also prevent structural damage.

Crawl spaces and basements are usually prone to dampness that can then lead to rot in the foundation of your home.

But, what is more, surprising is that a less humid climate indoors can help ensure that things such as cereals and bread don’t turn stale too fast.

You will also less likely notice corrosion and rust on computers, electronics, and tools.

These benefits can then promote a healthier indoor environment that can make dehumidifiers perfect to use not just during those muggy summers but also when the weather is damp in early fall and spring seasons.

Using Your Dehumidifier During Summer Season

Summer months can sometimes get too hot. It is sticky and humid and it is almost impossible to feel comfortable both day and night.

It may sound like a great idea to open a window at this time until bugs start flying inside your house and more hot air starts fanning around your house.

Using your dehumidifier during the hot months of summer will help you indulge in a relaxing time in your home during the daytime and enjoy a good quality sleep during the night.

If you are worried that your skin will dry out due to the use of the dehumidifier, you can just switch this on for a few hours a day.

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Using Your Dehumidifier During Winter Season

The use of a dehumidifier during winter months is another common option for those people who noticed the development of mold throughout the chilly days.

Mold thrives when the moisture and climate are cooler.

Therefore, turning on your dehumidifier to try tackling some of this moisture can stunt the growth of mold.

If your area or home is very cold, the use of a dehumidifier during winter must be done with caution.

There are exceptional instances when the weather can be too cold for the unit to run efficiently and the unit’s interior workings may freeze up.

Once this happens, your unit may get broken for good. This means that you shouldn’t stop using your dehumidifier during winter. Instead, just use it with extra care.

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A dehumidifier is one appliance that can serve your home in many ways. With its use, you can look forward to a more comfortable and pleasant stay inside your house no matter what the temperature outdoors might be.

If you are one of those people who is wondering when to use your dehumidifier, whether, in summer or winter, the answer is simple.

You can use your dehumidifier no matter what the season might be, especially if you use it together with some other useful methods to deal with moisture and mold in your home.

Just make sure that you use it as recommended to make the most out of your unit.