6 New Ways to Lower Your Heating Bills This Winter

Photo by Bubbers BB From Shutterstock

5. Do the regular or annual maintenance for the heating system

Don’t wait for winter to come and catch you unprepared! Hire a professional to check your heating system, especially if it’s older than one year. Most heaters can malfunction if the filters aren’t clean, and you won’t want to have a cold house during the whole winter.

Don’t wait until the colder months to take care of heating problems because those times can be busy and expensive!

6. Flip the ceiling fan

I bet that you didn’t know about this hack! But adjusting the ceiling fan to run in the opposite direction during the winter months might save you more money than you ever thought! Plus, it will regulate the warm air and let it circulate properly throughout the entire house.

How can you do that? If you don’t have a remote, you must be able to find a little switch at the base of your fan to adjust the way the blades rotate. In case you don’t figure this out on your own, you can ask for professional help.

Did you know about these amazing hacks? Or do you have other methods to lower the heating bills? Tell us in the comments!

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