6 Living Room Color Trends for 2023

living room
Photo by jafara from Shutterstock

4. Brown

Brown is a color that tends to be underestimated and overlooked. However, this will change in 2023 as brown is here to show its characteristics such as stability, approachability, and reliability.

Whether you want to create an earthy setting for your living room by painting the walls brown or just adding some brown accents, this color won’t ever go out of style. Even if brown isn’t as trendy as white or navy blue, it’s an extremely adaptable color.

Most people choose it for the sense of comfort and calm it creates in a room. Also known as the “traditional color of comfort”, brown allows you to give your interiors an old-world charm without too much effort. When opting for a brown color for your living room, the expert’s recommendation is to choose rustic shades, which are known to provide depth to the walls.

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