Yikes! 6 Easy Ways to Remove Grease From ANY Surface

Photo by cunaplus from Shutterstock

Chicken in a deep fryer, steak in a skillet, and pizza in the oven—all can leave greasy stains all over your kitchen. And unless you have a superpower like Samantha from “Bewitched” and can make problems go away with just a twitch of your nose, you’re aware a good scrub is on the way.

Water isn’t enough to get rid of stubborn grease, as water molecules don’t stick to grease molecules. And sometimes not even elbow grease is tough enough to tackle the baked-on grime found in kitchens. Grease cleaners found in stores can do the trick for most grease stains, but if you’d rather use products without harsh chemicals or don’t have any on hand, what else can you do?

Cleaning experts reveal the most efficient techniques to get rid of stuck-on grease from the surfaces where cooking oil often lands. Check this out!

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