NEVER Store These 8 Things in Your Pantry

Photo by VH-studio from Shutterstock

What foods do you store in your pantry?

The pantry usually serves as a catch-all for different items. But it takes just a whiff of moldy jelly, the sight of drippy prosciutto, or one taste of rancid oil to know that not all foods are meant to be stored at room temperature.

Many people just take a look at the label, and if it doesn’t say anything about refrigerating it, the item goes into the pantry. Some things, however, taste better, stay safer, and last longer when stored in the refrigerator or freezer, even if it isn’t stated on the label.

Though it may make your stomach turn and your jaw drop to learn this, the following foods—many of which are known as pantry staples—don’t belong in there.

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