Never Flush These 13 Things Down The Toilet!

unflushable things
Photo by StorKiss From Shutterstock

Did you know that certain things shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet? Believe it or not, some stuff that you want to throw in the toilet will stop the system from running as smoothly as it should.

The toilet is what we actually use daily, so in order to keep it as clean and sanitized as possible, we must use the trash can for the things that aren’t OK to throw in it. Like everything else, your septic tank requires attention. Don’t neglect it! You know that a lot of things are flushable, but is this a good idea? Think twice before flushing your dental floss or facial tissue!

To be sure that your pipes don’t get blocked because of random things, you need to avoid flushing these 13 things down the toilet.

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