12 Photos That Show the Worst Living Room Design Trends Over the Years

colorful room
Photo by ParvinMaharramov From Shutterstock

Just as with fashion, interior design has seen its fair share of changes of the last century, and some of those changes have been rather welcomed as some of the trends in the past are seen, from a modern perspective anyway, as somewhat tacky and some, dare we say, are in bad taste….

Depending on your age, you are probably going to be familiar with some of these now defunct design trends that at the time were considered the height of sophistication but now, you’re probably covering your eyes and whispering to yourself ‘oh God, I used to have that in my home.

Well, let’s take a walk down memory in all its tacky and gaudy glory as we have a look at living room design trends that had their day in the sun but would now most likely burn a hole in your retina.

Our first one shows that modern isn’t always good…..

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