8 Easy Cleaning Hacks for Every Holiday

cleaning hacks
Photo by Andrey_Popov From Shutterstock

6. Create an emergency stain removal kit

We previously mentioned the stains and how you should try to remove them before throwing everything in the washing machine. Even if we’re talking about carpeting or clothing, stains are bound to happen during any gathering.

How can you be prepared? Stock a stain removal kit near the table. In case something happens, you can take care of it right away. Club soda, white vinegar, baking soda, or even liquid dish soap are some of the most common cleaning agents.

7. Start with the room furthest away from the kitchen 

If you have to clean almost the whole house after a party, it is better to start with the room farthest away from the kitchen. This way, you will prevent the trail from running through rooms that have been cleaned.

Choose the right order that will make things easier for you. Maybe you can start with the bathroom and end up with the hallway. Everything depends on how your house is structured.

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