Best Kitchen Design of the Week (Before and After)

Photo by DGLimages from Shutterstock


Before they hired Jennifer Strickler as their designer, the couple had a gloomy kitchen. Dark distressed cabinets and dark granite countertops were bringing down the atmosphere in it.

Moreover, the travertine tile floors gave it a chilly feel. The load-bearing wall on the right side, where the fridge was located, was separating the kitchen from the dining room.

Even more, the peninsula in the foreground cut off the kitchen from the living room. It wouldn’t be such a major issue, but for a couple who loves to entertain their guests, it’s not welcoming at all.

They also had an electric cooktop that was using most of the minimal island space, so they were also suffering from a huge space problem. The built-in desk area to the left of the microwave was almost never used.

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