7 Cleaning Myths That Make Your Home Dirtier

Photo by diego_cervo From Envato Elements

5. “String mops are the way to go.”

String mops have been around almost forever and are great at absorbing big spills, but in most cases, they aren’t as effective as you may think.

“Old cotton string mops can be dirty and messy to use, as well as difficult to wring. So, you may want to consider some of the modern string mops and wringing buckets, which are making the whole task easier”, Forté explained.

For instance, synthetic string mops tend to retain less water, and many come with removable heads that are machine-washable. However, mop type is really a matter of preference, so go for one that works for you.

According to one study, microfiber mops were 20% more effective in microbial removal.

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