7 Cleaning Myths That Make Your Home Dirtier

Photo by FotoHelin from shutterstock.com

4. “Vinegar is an all-purpose cleaner.”

Like bleach, vinegar isn’t meant to be used to clean everything. Do a search on Google for cleaning tips, and you’ll likely get results recommending distilled white vinegar for almost anything in your home. But don’t believe all the hype.

“Vinegar is a great limescale remover and grease cutter, so it’s excellent for getting rid of hard water on fixtures and cleaning coffeemakers and windows”, Forté said.

However, you should keep it away from certain surfaces. Granit countertops may lose their shine if you use acidic vinegar to clean them. Also, wood floors and vinegar don’t go well together, as the acidic liquid can dissolve the protective finish.

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