29 Surprising Tips on Tidying Up Your House

Photo by New Africa from Shutterstock

Clean the toilet during your nighttime routine

While you’re brushing your teeth at night or washing your face, the average toilet cleaner product can perfectly do its job before giving it a scrub. If you want to know your toilet is always clean, put some toilet cleaner to moist while you do your nighttime routine. Efficient, right?

Wipe down the countertops after getting ready for bed

The same goes for your bathroom countertops. After finishing your beauty routine, give it a good wipe. Tip: keep a stash of cleaning products next to your bathroom sink to make it easier.

Empty the dishwasher while you wait for the coffee

Your dishwasher should be ready for breakfast dishes while you’re waiting for your coffee to brew. It’s better to avoid leaving them to pile up in your sink because they can attract insects.

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