13 Renovations That Will Hurt Your Home’s Value

Photo by Africa Studio from Shutterstock

Too much carpeting

In an interview recently took, home remodeling expert Alex Biyevetskiy says that new hardwood floors can increase the sale price of a home by up to 2.5%. In comparison to hardwood and laminate floors, the carpet will show more quick signs of damage. Plus, let’s be honest, colors and textures are generally based on personal preference, someone’s treasure might be someone else’s trash.

Bright and bold paint colors

Bold paint colors might not be so pleasing for any potential buyer who might lack a bit of vision. But don’t worry, repainting a room before putting your home on the market is easy to do. Choose neutral colors, which will only help the buyers imagine how they want to transform their future homes.

This next one might be heartbreaking……

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