12 Photos That Show the Worst Living Room Design Trends Over the Years

Fake plant
Photo by lyulkamazur / Envato Elements

People have always had a desire for some greenery in their homes but in the 1990s that desire took an odd turn as people started decorating their homes with fake (or faux) plants. Much like with store brand coca cola, it may look the same but nothing beats the real deal.

You might think that using fake plants will be low maintenance, which of course they are, but they have a tendency to fade and deteriorate pretty quickly and unlike real plants, when you decide to throw them out, they don’t decompose like real plants do but end up in a landfill. So, stick to the real thing, not only will it improve the air quality in your home but the environment will thank you for it.

The next design trend will not give your home animal magnetism…..

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