11 Surprising Items You Shouldn’t Keep in The Bathroom

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10. Soap bars 

Bars of soap are usually messy, even if they are kept on the side of the sink or in the soap dish. You may want to choose a liquid soap dispenser that is actually better looking. It will cut back on the mess, and it is much more sanitary

11. Nail polish

We all know that nail polish is supposed to resist for up to two years but this won’t happen anymore if you store it in the bathroom. That amazing crimson red you bought on the last trip to New York is your favorite, right? Keep in mind that if you want to have it for a long period of time you should avoid storing it in the bathroom.

Tip: Nail polish is better kept in places where the temperature is constant. 

The idea is simple: to clear space and stay organized throw away all of the sample products that you never use. All you need is a couple of boxes to hold all the items that you’ll be getting rid of and a large bag. Don’t be afraid to make some changes in your bathroom! The final result will be awesome, and you will be amazed by how many things you had to get rid of.

Learn some habits that are good in order to have a clean bathroom.

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