10 Important Things Your Plumbers Never Tell You

Photo by Octavian Lazar from shutterstock.com

4. Do not flush cooking grease

Don’t flush cooking grease or hot cooking oil down any drain in the house. The best way to get rid of the cooking grease is by wiping it out with some paper towels and adding them to the compost. Or, see if there’s a collection bin in your local market.

In time grease can end up being rock hard and so it will require professional help in removing it.

5. We can’t believe we are saying this, but no bricks in the toilet tank

Some people believe that putting a brick in the toilet tank will help save some water, when in fact that can keep your toilet from flushing right.

In addition, it’s best to avoid using liquid drain cleaners because they eat away at the pipes. You can instead try using a plunger.

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