10 Home Decor Trends That Aren’t Good Investments

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9. Popcorn ceilings

Oh my, these are horrible! Like for real. Popcorn ceilings have that bumpy texture, also known as Artex ceilings. It was a thing back in the 90’s, but let’s agree that it looks dated. Instead of this, you can always repaint the walls in a brighter, bolder color.

10. Fake fruits

I used to go visit my aunt and she had some fake fruits on a plate, you know, just for the sake of decoration. It was a thing back in the 90’s, but I fell for it, and I was actually trying to eat that green apple! And everybody made fun of me. These faux fruits had been traded for fresh ones. Because nobody wants to collect dust and have tons of stuff to clean!

A lot of people are still keen on the 80’s, and that’s perfectly fine since we are the older generation people. But we have to admit that some items are pretty outdated in 2022.

Be honest: how many of these outdated items do you still have in your house? Are you willing to change them? Tell us in the comments.

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