10 Home Decor Trends That Aren’t Good Investments

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Photo by jafara FRom Shutterstock

7.Wicker furniture

These things are nice to be kept on the porch or on the balcony. But for sure, there is no reason to keep them inside as we used to in the 80’s or 90’s. You can always play with the texture by opting for chairs made of linen or woven materials.

If you are really a big wicker fan, rattan is a popular trend that gives a stylish nod to this outdated classic.

8. Heavy drapery

Let’s face it! These items appear to be bulky, and cleaning them is a chore. Windows need to go with the flow of your entire house, which probably tends to be simple yet modern and stylish. A trick is to make the curtain rods higher than the window. This will give you the impression that your windows are floor to ceiling and your room is uncluttered.

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