8 Ways to Clean a Car So It Looks Almost Brand New

Photo by leonardo2011 From Shutterstock

8. Find a home for CDs

Since I love music, I tend to collect a lot of CDs that help me get through the busy roads every day when I am driving to the office. And sometimes I leave them all over the place because I am always in a hurry and I don’t know what to listen. If, like me, you still listen to CDs in your car, it might be time to keep them in one place with a visor organizer and close to you to pick up. What would it be today: The Rolling Stones or some Shania Twain?

How do you prevent your car from looking like a tornado? Every time you get out of it, don’t forget to take the clutter with you!

If you know other tips and tricks on how to clean your car share them with us! And if you liked this article we have plenty of more articles like this one! Today’s suggestion is: How to Get Rid of Pet Odors in Your Home: 6 Easy Steps.

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