8 Ways to Clean a Car So It Looks Almost Brand New

car cleaning
Photo by Africa Studio From Shutterstock

1. Take out anything that doesn’t belong there

First of all, isolate the area that needs to be cleaned. Eliminate all the clutter by starting with the passenger side and everything else that’s near the driver side, and put everything that doesn’t belong in your car in a basket to sort it out later on. During this step, don’t stress about keeping things separate. Just concentrate on getting everything out of the automobile that shouldn’t be there. This includes trash, unwanted clothing, shoes, and accessories like bags, scarves, caps, and umbrellas, as well as documents from your office or any other stuff that doesn’t belong in your car.

2. Wipe down the surfaces

The second step is to clean the surfaces of your car and the steering wheel with paper towels or a microfiber cloth. The only thing you need for this is a bit of window cleaner and a rag to clean the inside of your windshield and the windows because over time, dirt accumulates on the glass, making it very challenging to see clearly in the sun or at night.

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