Toss These Things from Your House for Instant Happiness

Photo by ARIMAG from Shutterstock
  • Plastic grocery bags

Giving the situation with global warming, you’re now more paranoid than ever when it comes to throwing out your plastic bags. We get where you’re coming from, but there’s something else you can do. Take them all and search for a place where they’ll recycle them. Now you’re eco-friendly and you have a tidy home as well!

  • Reusable totes

The same goes for reusable totes. You might have bought them out of a wish to be eco-friendly, but now you’ve got yourself quite a collection. There’s no use in having so many, so consider giving some of them away.

  • Promotional T-shirts

You probably won’t wear again that T-shirt you got free from a charity donation, so throw it out! Make room for new clothes!

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