8 Things You Shouldn’t Clean With Water

Photo by DAMRONG RATTANAPONG From Shutterstock

1. Electronics

This should be common sense because any kinds of electronics don’t mix with water. Typically, there is a lot of dust on electronics, and all you need to do is dust them. And here we talk about TV or the PlayStation. Use a dry cloth for dusting or any other cleaning product that cleans the electronics in a delicate way without damaging them.

Don’t spray anything directly on electronics, and if the surface (PlayStation controller) is difficult to clean with a cloth, try cleaning wipes.

2. Gas range burners

These things are very sensitive and you shouldn’t be cleaning them with water. Avoid cleaning the stove’s ranger burner with water, as you might have trouble lighting it afterwards.

Always use special types of products that are made for cleaning gas range burners. Wipe the surface gently and be careful not to scratch it.

It’s best to clean them right after you cook. Turn this into a permanent habit!

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