Best Hygrometer For Gun Safe – Genuine Reviews

A hygrometer is a type of device being installed in firearm storage safe to report and measure internal humidity levels at a specific point in time. It is not a secret that excessive humidity is among the biggest and most serious threats to safe storage not only of weapons but also other personal effects.… Read the rest

Best Motorhome Dehumidifier: Ivation IVADM45 Review

Hello adventurers… If you have a motorhome, then you already know how important it is to keep humidity out of your way. Humidity can easily install in your recreation vehicle especially in the bathroom and your cooking area. View More Which is why you really need to add such a unit to your own home on wheels.… Read the rest

ThermoPro TP60S Review – A Great Humidity Monitor

If you have a crawl space in your home, it can be a bit difficult to keep it free of water, humidity, and mold. But, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Believe it or not, some crawl spaces are pleasant, clean, and dry places where you can spend time.… Read the rest

Best Hygrometer For Musical Instruments/Guitar Case

Musical instruments are very sensitive to the environmental conditions and may be damaged easily once conditions are not controlled. The tonewoods utilized in musical instruments such as percussion instruments, cellos, violins, and acoustic guitars are sensitive to humidity and temperature. Low level of humidity can cause the wood to crack, warp or dry out.… Read the rest

Best Hygrometer For Reptile Tanks or Terrariums

If you are a reptile dad or mom it is crucial to keep your pet safe. Knowing the humidity and temperature inside the terrarium is one of the most important parts of keeping your beloved one alive. In the article below I reviewed what I consider to be the best hygrometers for reptile tanks so you can keep an eye on humidity all the time.… Read the rest

Wireless Thermo Hygrometer With Remote Sensor

ThermoPro TP63 is one interesting hygrometer because it suits a multitude of spaces. But you can use it mostly for what you are really interested in monitoring by wireless, and that’s the crawl space under your house. Most of the time the crawl space is forgotten and that’s a true shame, mainly because a lot of people just don’t realize the importance of it.… Read the rest

Top Rated Dehumidifier For Basement: TOSOT 70-Pint Review

The mere mention of the basement will make you instantly picture an unpleasant smelling, cold, and damp place. Basements develop this kind of environment due to high humidity. Buy on Amazon The cold and damp feeling is the result of humidity, while the unpleasant smell is because of mold growth and mildew.… Read the rest

Best Dehumidifier For Condensation On Windows Review

Does your room feel warmer than usual? Did you notice the presence of mildew and mold around your home? If yes, then, there is a chance that your house has a higher relative humidity than the usual. Check Price on Amazon Excess moisture can also attract bacteria which can cause difficulties in breathing and itchiness.… Read the rest