Best Dehumidifier For Gun Safe: Goldenrod Original Review

How many times did you open your gun safe only to be disgusted by the foul odor and moisture in it?

If you have been dealing with this problem for a long time, then, it is time that you use the best dehumidifier for a gun safe like the Goldenrod Original Dehumidifier made in USA by Battenfeld Technologies Inc.

Check Price on AmazonBest Dehumidifier For Gun Safe: Goldenrod Original

For those who don’t know it yet, a gun safe dehumidifier is essential to maintain the appropriate humidity range inside the gun safe.

When humidity is maintained as it should be, you will never have any moisture concerns.

The benefits of this Goldenrod dehumidifier include the availability of convenient sizes and the inclusion of mounting brackets.

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Four Convenient Sizes

Made in the United States, this dehumidifier is specifically designed for gun safes. If you want to be on the safe side you will also need a hygrometer to measure the humidity inside your safe.

This comes in four different sizes that can fit almost any type of gun safe: 36 inches, 24 inches, 18 inches, and 12 inches.

Each of them has its own coverage areas. Check the table below.

Rod Size Coverage Link
12-inch 100 cubic feet Check Price
18-inch 200 cubic feet Check Price
24-inch 300 cubic feet Check Price
36-inch 500 cubic feet Check Price

The 12-inch road can cover up to 100 cubic feet. The 18-inch rod can cover as much as 200 cubic feet. The 24-inch rod gets to cover 300 cubic feet, while the 36-inch rod can cover 500 cubic feet.

These different sizes mean that you can get the exact rod that will fit right in your gun safe.

Mounting Brackets Included

Every rod basically works through a heating element. It will then warm up the air inside the gun safe enough for the moisture to evaporate properly.

This needs an outlet of 110/120V AC. This also comes with the necessary mounting hardware.

The bottom of the gun safe is the most common location for mounting the rod.

However, if necessary, you can also mount it on the ceiling or walls.

The inclusion of the mounting brackets offers a convenient way of installation so that you can set it up right away with ease.

In just a few simple steps, your gun safe dehumidifier will be up and running in no time.


High Quality

It is a high-quality product built using extremely resilient materials and has been created with the promise of the utmost efficiency in mind.

Prior to hitting the marketplace, every Goldenrod dehumidifier needs to go through and pass intense durability and quality tests.

It will only be made available once it meets the necessary high standards set by its maker.

Extensive Coverage

It offers extensive coverage of as much as 500 cubic feet for the36-inch version

This means that you can literally transform your safe into a moisture-free one. One more noteworthy benefit is the fact that the unit doesn’t get too hot.

You can then safely store the rest of your ammunition inside the safe. It has a lifetime warranty that provides a permanent maintenance solution.

You can get the peace of mind knowing that all your firearms work in their best order.

It is indeed a flawless equipment piece that all gun owners must consider buying.

It uses a unique method to avoid the level of humidity in comparison to Eva-Dry models.

Goldenrod is made to have a heated rod, which heats the safe to eliminate humidity. If humidity is left, corrosion can be ended or avoided in cooler areas.

Most people have left some positive reviews about this unit. It only shows that it is effective in terms of performance.

Lifetime Guarantee

Unlike other dehumidifiers for gun safes, it features a lifetime guarantee. It is maintenance free because it doesn’t have any moving parts and crystals that require refilling.

People still want it to be silent once turned on. Never get it wrong that through having heat in your gun safe will result in water vapor.

The rod warms the air to the temperature that reduces any chances of having water vapor condensing inside the gun safe. The rod’s construction makes it immune for normal use.

This is the reason why the company provides a lifetime warranty.

The Vermiculite’s presence in the rod ensures that there’s even heat distribution so that it runs effectively.

The rod may heat up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. It may be uncomfortable to touch it, yet it isn’t really dangerous.

The temperature level isn’t enough to ignite any household materials or the items stored in the safe. Manufacturers supply the rod with brackets you could use for the part of the installation.

It’s recommended to mount it in a horizontal manner for its full effect.

The design enables it to be used in various types of safe even biometric safes.

Check the table for specifications:

Voltage 110/120 volt AC
Quick Plug Attachment YES
Mounting Brackets YES
Warranty Lifetime

Goldenrod Moisture Control User Manual

You can always take a look at the Golden Rod Instructions Manual (pdf format) if you want to learn more about this dehumidifier or if you are looking for more in-depth information. The pdf is for all the sizes/versions of this device.

If you have any problem with your product I will leave you Battenfeld Technologies‘s contact numbers and the email address:


(573) 445-9200 phone
(877) 446-6606 fax

Battenfeld Technologies Inc.
2501 LeMone Industrial Blvd
Columbia, MO 65201

Customer/User Impression

Many users agree that Goldenrod dehumidifier works very well. The temperature in the gun safe stays about eight degrees above ambient.

Plus, the humidity stays about forty percent. Once you start using it for your gun safe, expect no regrets and you’ll be pleased with this product overall.

Other users said that they like some of the unit’s features, particularly the customizable cord length. It allows them to cut the cord to their own preferred length to make it less hard and obtrusive to snag with the weapon’s butt.

The instructions provided were clear on how to terminate and cut the cord. Mounting it is also easy. All you need to do is to screw 2 small brackets into the safe’s insulation and it snaps in easily. (CHECK MORE REAL USER REVIEWS)


Serious gun aficionados and hobbyists trust Goldenrod Moisture Control Dehumidifier for long-lasting, dependable gun safe environments.

It’s a standard way to keep your guns moisture-free and avoid any kind of side effects.

Also, it ensures that ammo can be stored in safe without the need to worry about the environment damaging or getting too hot.

One good thing about it is that tends to be much effective in full climate control compared to canister units.

This is the reason why it is highly recommended for everyone who is searching for the finest dehumidifier for the gun safe. Visit Amazon today and get this dehumidifier!