Best Hygrometer For Musical Instruments/Guitar Case

Musical instruments are very sensitive to the environmental conditions and may be damaged easily once conditions are not controlled.


The tonewoods utilized in musical instruments such as percussion instruments, cellos, violins, and acoustic guitars are sensitive to humidity and temperature.

Best Hygrometer For Musical Instruments or Guitar/Violin Case

Low level of humidity can cause the wood to crack, warp or dry out.

High humidity may cause corrosion of acoustic guitar strings and electronics in microphones and electric instruments.

Rapid changes in humidity and temperature are the most damaging to every musical instrument.

The hygrometers reviewed below can be used for the following musical instruments: guitars, violins, ukuleles, bass’, mandolins & banjos.

Quick Comparison Chart

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Name Hygrometer/Humidifier Combo Price

Oasis OH-2 Digital Hygrometer

Inkbird ITH-10 – Budget Pick NO BUDGET PICK
Sensor Push – Smart Humidity Sensor NO CHECK PRICE

Top Musical Instruments Hygrometers Reviews

Oasis HH Combo OH-30 Humidifier/Hygrometer


Oasis HH Combo OH-30 is the one and only humidifier and hygrometer made to fit in a steel string acoustic guitar’s soundhole.

When you use a humidifier to improve the humidity in a musical instrument, monitoring the levels of humidity is a must. Otherwise, it will be complete guesswork to maintain correct humidity. Oasis OH-30 comes with two parts. On top of the strings, the unit’s upper part has an accurate and accurate hygrometer that the user can calibrate if needed.

This humidifier can slip securely on the lower part of the hygrometer. The humidifier is suspended by the guitar’s strings and from there, it will release moisture slowly and evenly inside the instrument but it will never touch the instrument body. A drip-resistant and specialized sponge can hold 10 times its dry weight in water. This can then allow longer periods between refills.

Each side of this humidifier has four openings where water vapor can escape. This is enough for the majority of dry areas. Meanwhile, in areas that are dryer, there are four more openings that could be punched out to offer more humidity. You can easily recharge the sponge through moistening it using distilled water. The use of Oasis OH-30 during dryer months can keep your instrument safe and protected from warping and cracks.

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Oasis OH-2 Digital Hygrometer


In order to keep your musical instruments safe, the best thing that you should do to keep the humidity at its normal or recommended level is by using a tool like Oasis OH-2 Digital Hygrometer. A hygrometer can help you measure the humidity level.

It provides an accurate reading about the temperature and humidity in the place where you store your musical instruments.

This hygrometer measures relative humidity accurately and can help you decide when to use your humidifier.

Since relative humidity differs greatly in your home, it is recommended to keep this hygrometer close to your musical instruments.

With its convenient case clip, it’s now possible to measure relative humidity in your own guitar/violin case.

So, you’ll easily determine when it is necessary to humidify instruments. This clip attaches to the back of your unit and mounted on the supply box’s flap.

Precise Humidity Readings

The measuring range of Oasis OH-2 Digital Hygrometer is 20% to 90% relative humidity. When compared to other hygrometers, the updating time is 10 seconds.

Accurate Temperature Readings

Its measuring range in terms of temperature is 32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit with 0.1F resolution. There is also a battery included that should be replaced every year.

It has other features and these include the following:

Long Lasting

If you want to get the best value of your investment, you will be happy to know that OH-2 Digital is guaranteed for a full five years. This is a wise choice if you will use musical instruments for many years

Super Slim Design with Velcro Mount

With this, it makes the device fit anywhere. As a matter of fact, you can use it in your guitar case.

That is why it’s very portable and convenient to use. It is also a good hygrometer for those who are always on the go and travel to different places with their musical instruments.

Advanced Humidity Sensor

Unlike some hygrometers, it comes with an advanced humidity sensor that maintains exceptional accuracy for many years. It also records low and high temperatures.

Apart from that, it measures temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Depending on your preferences or musical instruments you use, you can just choose any options from your hygrometer.

On and Off Switch

It also has an on and off switch. Whether you want to turn it on for hours or use it whenever you want to, you can just turn it off or on anytime you like.

Customer/User Impression

Some customers felt that their musical instruments were often out of tune and after asking for some recommendations and suggestions they found out that humidity and temperature play a big role why their musical instrument was always out of tune.

So, what they did was to search more on how to maintain humidity level and temperature in their home. Then, they found Oasis OH-2 Digital Hygrometer.

This device helps them check the temperature and humidity in their place easily and it helps to determine if there is a need to use a humidifier or a dehumidifier.

Aside from that, it makes you and all your musical instruments comfortable.

There are countless of hygrometers available in the market today. Unfortunately, not all are good for your instruments case.

Accuracy is the best, which is important for you to monitor temperature and humidity. It also has some amazing features that will surely benefit your musical instruments.

The cost is also affordable in comparison to some brands.

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Music Nomad MN305


Music Nomad MN305 HumiReader Hygrometer can measure the temperature and humidity to help you in keeping your guitar in proper playing order. You have done the right thing and purchased a dehumidifier for your electric and acoustic instruments. However, it is really doing what you want it to do?

Music Nomad MN305 is the last step to ensure that your instruments are in the right environment. It is a tool that can give you the digital reading of humidity and temperature levels whether it is placed is in the room, inside its case, or rests between the strings to measure the levels where you most need it, right within the soundhole. Make sure that you have done everything for you to protect your instruments’ playability with the help of MN305.

The Music Nomad MN305 is a hygrometer that can measure humidity and temperature. This device has made it easier than ever to protect your string instruments. Music Nomad created the HumiReader, which is a patent pending temperature and hygrometer humidity monitor. This is easy to use, reliable, and accurate.

Ideal for electric guitars, acoustic guitars, orchestral strings, ukuleles, and mandolins, Music Nomad MN305 will make monitoring the environment of your instrument easy. It is important to ensure that it stays within the manufacturer’s warranty to protect your beautiful instruments from cracking, shrinking, warping or drying. This design lets you customize where you like to measure.

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Inkbird ITH-10


Inkbird ITH-10 is designed with a super thin body. It is exquisite and cabinet and displays the humidity and temperature simultaneously.

It may also memorize minimum and maximum values of humidity and temperature and switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

It is ideal for guitar cases, labs, offices, greenhouse, and household.

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SensorPush Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer for iPhone/Android


You have to remember that proper humidity and temperature are essential to your belongings and health. However, not all have the time to monitor the conditions of the places constantly. Luckily, there is a device like SensorPush Wireless Hygrometer.

It comes with smart sensors, which are easy to use and compact. They also work with mobile apps that will not only make you love using it, but also you will enjoy using it. It only takes several moments to install its free app and pair it with your sensor.

SensorPush has data, which is beautifully graphed in-app and exported to CSV easily for use in MS Excel and other similar software. Either way, you will be amazed by what you will be able to learn from the complete history of the updates.

SensorPush Hygrometer monitors the conditions constantly, regardless if you are sleeping or you are away from your home. Once you return, you will be alerted promptly of any problems once data is downloaded through Bluetooth. If you will be away for a while, SensorPush will maintain the recent twenty days of data on its LCD. For peace of mind, you can add its WiFi gateway for you to access it anytime. This will also let you get alerts from anywhere you are in the world.

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Is Humidity Bad For Musical Instruments?

Wood is basically an organic material that exchanges moisture with the surrounding air. It contracts and swells depending on the moisture content and its moisture level depends on the moisture in the surrounding air.

The change in size and shape puts tremendous stress on the musical instrument.

If it gets smaller, the instrument’s parts like the top can be under tension, the perfect condition for the formation of cracks as well as a failure of seams and joints.

If it gets bigger, seams and joints may also fail at high moisture level.

The wood’s resistance to permanent deformation and bending goes way down.

Moisture and heat were used by the manufacturer to bend the ribs on the musical instrument, so you’ll understand the way excessive moisture could result to top’s permanent distortion and neck height’s permanent sagging.

The strength and dimensions of the wood change with the content of moisture, yet did you know that the wood’s weight may also change?

This is why the sound of musical instruments changes with moisture content. Factors including strength, dimensions, and weight are the factors that instrument manufacturers manipulate for controlling how instruments sound at the first place.

Where to Put a Hygrometer in a Guitar Case

Once you purchased a guitar humidifier, you must get a hygrometer as well. Hygrometers are small devices, which measure humidity. Place it in a room where you keep your acoustic guitar. You can also use it in your guitar case. It can be fastened by Velcro to your compartment’s outer part.

Final Word

Proper humidity and temperature conditions for musical instruments storage for guitars will differ by manufacturer and instrument type.

Usually, 40% to 55% relative humidity and temperature that ranges from 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 72 degrees Fahrenheit is safe.

With that said, it is always important to check with the musical instrument’s manufacturer for more accurate levels.

If your music room is in your basement, never set your musical instruments directly on concrete as it can leach away the moisture and conduct cold.

To help protect your instruments, always monitor the temperature and humidity through using a hygrometer. You can use the top hygrometers reviewed above the following instruments also: piano, ukulele, violin, mandolin.

All in all, this tool offers accurate digital readings of relative humidity and temperature so you know when you can use your humidifier or dehumidifier to protect your musical instruments.