Best Humidifier For Indoor Plants: Honeywell HCM350W Review

Do your indoor plants look wilted and dull during those cold and intolerable days of winter? The dull color and wilting of indoor plants are due to the presence of dry air.

Good thing that you can easily fix the problem with the help of a humidifier.

Best Humidifier For Indoor Plants: Honeywell HCM350WCheck Price on Amazon

They are basically devices that can add humidity and moisture to the air. These appliances help conserve moisture in plants which then lowers their evapotranspiration rate.

There is a high demand for the best humidifier for indoor plants such as Honeywell HCM350W during winter months.

With its different options for speed setting and the simple but efficient design, it is not a surprise that it has become a favorite among many homeowners.

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Abundant Speed Setting Options

The Honeywell Humidifier provides three different settings for speed. These affect sound and moisture output.

After you run it on high during the day to achieve the optimal humidity in a room, you can then dial this down to low once you are ready to hit the bed.

It means that you won’t have to worry about noise levels. You also don’t need to get up for a refill in the middle of the night.

It can silently deal with the air in your room while you get to enjoy a good and peaceful sleep.

Simple Design

It is very simple, easy to use and clean. Thanks to its patented UV technology, the required upkeep of its WICK filter is a hassle-free chore.

Its water tank features a wide opening to ensure easier cleaning. This wide opening works double-duty.

It offers fast fill times and lesser fuss every time you try to put some water in it at the sink.

Moving the appliance is also easy with its recessed tank handle. This is made even better by the fact that the unit is very light.

The basic design also means that you can put it anywhere in your home without being an eyesore.


Functional Humidification

Humidifiers from Honeywell are very efficient with their job thanks to their ability to move air volumes to quickly humidify living spaces.

You will notice a dramatic change in your home’s humidity almost instantly.

Your plants flourish better, the air you breathe feels fresher, the kids sleep better at night, and allergies are no longer bothering your family.

It has an advanced purification system to eliminate bad odors and pollutants in rooms.

With this purification level, you can be sure that it gets rid of many contaminants such as bacteria, pet dander, dust, chemicals, smoke, and mold.

It has a tank capacity of 1.5 gallons running up to 24 hours for every filling.

It means you can fill its tank without worrying about it until the following day.

Portable and Compact

This is the go-to unit for homeowners looking for a portable and affordable appliance to keep their house a bit cleaner.

It boasts of a stylish design that makes it appealing no matter where you put it.

With a weight of only 15 pounds, this is a true lightweight device. Handling and transporting it is then made easy.

Easy Maintenance and Operation

It has easy controls for smoother operation. It has a timer feature which allows pre-setting the operation time.

It will shut off automatically after it. This feature is useful since you can have it running for 3 hours or so without having to worry about getting home just to shut it off.

But still, it makes use of lesser electricity, not higher than the usage of a typical residential light bulb.

Maintaining this device is also a breeze. Its filters snap right into and come off easily.

There is also a SmartClean sensor which will let you know once you need to replace the filter.

Silent Operation

You can have it placed in your living room, bedroom, or even the nursery with no need to worry about loud fan noises.

On its lowest level, it is very quiet, which is a great thing if you happen to be a light sleeper and this is placed in your bedroom.

You might have to turn it up every now and then, particularly when allergies have settled in.

It is only natural to have some fan noise when you turn it on to its highest setting.

Specification Table

Dimensions (L x W x H) 17.48 x 9.37 x 11.85 in
Weight 8.36 lbs
Tank Capacity 1.1 gallon
Warranty 3 year limited warranty
Power 60 watts
Technology Evaporative Humidification
Usage Medium rooms
Time running per filling 24 hours

Honeywell HCM350W Humidifier User Manual

You can always download HCM350W User Manual(pdf format) if you want to learn more about this or if you are looking for more in-depth technical information.

Click here to download the waranty PDF.

If you have any problems with your appliance I will leave you Honeywell‘s contact number and the email address:



Customer/User Impression

While the Honeywell humidifier is far from being perfect, many users agree that if you will consider its mechanism and price, the manufacturer and designer really did a good and almost perfect job.

There are also users who like it as it works pretty great when it comes to putting back moisture to the air in a natural way.

This is done through evaporation when you want to heat up your home during winter months.

Dry air can make you susceptible to airborne infections.

This unit will help you eliminate this dry air, which also happens to be the top reason why plants wilt and turn dull.

Some reviews stated that they find it a great life support system they have in their house as it cycles the air efficiently inside during colder months of winter.

They appreciate how effective it is in doing the job expected out of it while offering other benefits…(READ MORE IMPRESSIONS)


This gadget is a great choice for those who are looking for a safer and more customizable experience to increase humidity in your home.

It comes with several settings of speed that allow its users to select the amount of mist they like the appliance to produce.

The system also has a UV technology that does wonders in keeping viruses and pollutants at bay.

For people who are sick of dragging their appliances from the living room to the kitchen sink to get a fill, the unit offers an easier solution.

Its large handle doesn’t only make it carrying easy but its water tank’s opening also means that you don’t need any special positioning when you need a top-up.

It also makes for a lesser time needed for maintenance and much more time spent with your family.

If you are tired of seeing your dry and wilted plants, now is the perfect time to check out this humidifier at Amazon to bring your greens back to life.