Can You Live In A House With Mold?

There is a hidden danger that people need to look out for. If you are a homeowner mold may be the furthest thing from your mind but it should not be overlooked. Mold can grow on several different surfaces.

Mild like warm temperatures and environments that are moist. Mold is a fungus and it can grow indoors and outdoors. The tiny mold spores can travel a distance and once mold begins to produce it can have a toxic effect on the household.

Mold Toxicity

When there is mold present in the home you may experience some chronic symptoms. Around 24 percent of illnesses begin as a chronic inflammation to the immune system. The toxins from the mold will take over the immune system. There are many illnesses you can experience due to mold exposure in the home. if you have asthma, mold exposure will make it worse. You will notice that your asthma attacks are more frequent. Mold exposure can also lead to a feeling of depression and trouble sleeping. Mold will match the eyes itchy and they will water. Frequent headaches and excessive coughing, as well as decreased energy levels, are other signs that there is mold present in the home and it is making you and your family feel ill.

Mold Allergies

In addition to mold toxicity, mold allergies is another illness that can affect the body due to mold. Mold allergies enter by when the spores are inhaled. You may think that you are experiencing hay fever when it is the mold that is bothering you. If this problem is not treated and you keep on breathing in the mold you may develop a chronic inflammation due to the spores. It is not safe to remain in the home with mold. You need to take measures to protect your family.

Black Mold

While all mold is bad for your health black mold can be toxic. The black mold spores release a mycotoxin which can be lethal if you are exposed to it for some time. The toxin found in back mold can break down the immune system, have negative effects on the nervous system, and can lead to pulmonary decay. If your home has a large area that is covered with black mold or if you are exposed to this mold for a while your organ will begin to shut down. This will lead to damage in the brain and you can die. This mold can use pregnant women to miscarry a baby or the baby can be born with birth defects. Black mold can even kill pets. If you suspect that there is black mold in your home you need to call a mold removal service right away to safely get rid of this mold. While any type of mold in the home is not safe, black mold is very dangerous.

Other Common Symptoms of Exposure to Mold

In addition to the symptoms already mentioned some other health problems can be a result of exposure to mold. If the skin becomes irritated this can be a result of exposure to mold. If you feel that you have trouble thinking or suddenly become forgetful, mold may be to blame. Exposure to mold can lead to mental impairments. Mold exposure also leads to fatigue, nausea, and a general feeling of being ill.

Signs of Mold

If you feel there is mold in your home there are some things that you should check for. You need to inspect the surface of the walls, ceilings, and another area. If these areas show signs of discoloration than you may have a mold problem. Mold is also able to grow in areas that you may not see such as inside the walls. A professional will need to be called in to perform a test for mold.

Water Leaks and Moisture

If there is an area of your how that has moisture it can lead to the growth of mold. Mold loves environments that are warm and moist. The bathroom, kitchen, basements, and laundry rooms need to be check carefully for mold. If you notice a musty smell in any of these areas there is a good chance there is mold growing.

Mold Removal

If you find mold present in your home you need to look for the cause of the mold growth. This can be a water leak or something in the environment. This will need to be handled right away. The mold can be removed but it will grow right back if the root of the problem is not solved.

A mold remediation company should be called to remove the mold. They will use a specific method based on the type of mold that is present and will keep the spores from getting into the air.

They also have commercial grade mold removers as well as the safety equipment for the job. If you try to remove the mold on your own, you can get sick or release additional spores into the air.

After the professional remove the mold you need to take measures to keep it coming back. Even if the source of the mold is discovered you do not want to make your home a favorable environment for mold.

You need to take measures to control the humidity levels in the home. You also need to make sure your home is properly ventilated. As soon as you notice water damage of a leaking pipe you need to fit it. An air purifier can help keep the air clean and remove any particles that may have gotten into the air.

If you notice that yourself or members of the family are often ill and may not know why this can be due to mold in the home. it is not safe to live in a home with mold. Mold can attack the immune system and depend on the type of mold can lead to death.

If you have mold growing in your home you need to have it removed immediately before you see the negative health results of this mold.